Christmas parties are always a lot of fun anywhere they happen. Even if you are hosting a party or going to a friend’s party or the party at your job, you will feel good with your friends and you have to look proper in order to feel confortable and to look festive. Of course, we don’t recommend a Santa costume, unless you have a real private party with your closest friends.

For a party at your job you can dress a little less formal, but still show elegance. You can go for a red or green shirt, as those are the colors of the season. You can replace the shoes with elegant leather boots and the suit with trousers. You outfit has to say that you are in vacation, but still to keep a ballance between sophisticated and casual.

Home party. When you are the host, everything has to look good, including you. But considering the fact that you are home, you can choose a casual outfit, depending on your guests. If you’re having important persons and business partners over, things have to be a little more elegant. If you are just hosting your friends, a nice-patterned sweater and a pair of trousers will do.

If you’re going to your friends home for the Christmas party, you certainly know what kind of party will be. If it will be something relaxed, between friends, you can wear jeans and a sweater, but if they are planning something big, you have to be a little elegant, but not to overdo it.

A party at a restaurant. If you go to a special place with your friends and family you have to look your best. Black Tie or at least a nice elegant suit, black leather shoes and nice accessories will make even Santa envy your outfit.