We all know that accessories are the details that can make an outift perfect. Accessories are not only for ladies, as they can make a gentleman look good on a chilly day and draw attention upon himself. The thing is to choose them with style and match them to your outfit and your personality. Designers say that the same outfit can look very different with different accessories. So think about the things you need and also about their esthetics.

Gloves. Everyone needs them in the winter, especially for their practical use. But don’t you forget that gloves used to be the ultimate accessory of a true gentleman, inspiring nobility and elegance. Choose a pair of leather gloves and they will keep you warm and good looking. Simplicity, quality and elegance should be the things you look for in every accessory, but you can also go for interesting models, eccentric color or whatever suits your style.

Winter scarf. Again, an object whose use everyone can see. Keeping you away from cold and giving you that college look, a square-patterned scarf will perfectly complete a casual winter outfit. In so many models and materials, you can find one for every style and every outfit. All you have to do is pick them well. And don’t forget that the weather doesn’t have to be bad in order to wear it. Designers and fashion people wear scarfs in the summertime too.

Hats. The ultimate accessory of a gentleman, in the winter is more useful than ever. Pick one of thick material that goes well with most of your outfits and you will have that look from the black and white movies. Go for black or brown for daily outfits and something more fancy for evening or special events.