The connoisseurs will always know the difference between a high quality suit and an ordinary one. Everyone can tell when you look good and you are well-dressed, but very few can appreciate all the details. But a real gentleman knows that and tries his best to mind every little thing, so no one can comment in a negative way.
For example, you have to make a difference between a blazer and a suit jacket. Even if nowadays the difference isn’t obvious, the suit jacket is more elegant and has matching trousers. When going to a special formal event, a suit jacket with a nice pair of trousers is the best choice you can make. The blaizers are for occasions that are not that formal.
Working cuffs. The cuffs that are functional and work are a good example of a detail that makes the difference. They are also names surgeon’s cuffs, because surgeons used to wear such pieces of clothing in the army and they used to roll their sleeves in order to begin a medical procedure. Leave the sleeve unbuttoned and that will send an ellegance message.
Kissing buttons. There are three ways the buttons can be arranged. Separated, with a little space between them, style which is called nonkissing, touching but not overlapping, which is called kissing nonstacked, and the last one, kissing stacked, when the buttons are overlapping. Some consider that the last style is the most elegant, because the manufactured suits used to have the buttons like that and it’s a sign of quality. But actually, nowadays it depends on your prefference and personality.