The first date is always important, especially if you really like that lady and want to find out more things about her. You have to make a good impression and be sure you will get a second date, so every detail is important. Plan ahead and don’t leave anything to chance, even if you will try to appear spontaneous to her.
If you go to a winetasting or a jazz club or anything elegant and fancy, you have to look accordingly. Wear something of quality, simple, but elegant, like an elegant shirt with a black tie, a jacket and those kind of almost elegant jeans. If you go to a Black Tie event, then you have to be absolutely elegant, but not too eccentric.
If you take her to a cooking class or something a little less formal, you can choose a casual outfit, but also try to be stylish. Always wear a shirt, even if you put a sweater over. Ladies pay a lot of attention to details, so always look perfect and immaculate, because that says something about yourself. It has to look like you tried, but not so much to seem desperate.
If you take her in the parc or a pub, try wearing something chic that looks a little French. Ladies are crazy about everything French, because it inspires culture, romance and all sorts of good things. Wear white and stripes, a beige pair of trousers and French style accessories. You can’t go wrong with that.
Don’t forget that grooming is something mandatory, something every gentleman should do. It’s a form of respect to yourself and others to look good and everyone knows that image is important when you first meet someone. So try to be as nice on the outside as you are on the inside and dress to impress.