The Black Tie is a special dress code for gentlemen, adopted for high class events and derived from British and American fashion from the 19th century. This kind of dressing is used only after 6 p.m. and it is more formal that business dress code.

The origin of this dressing is in the Victorian time, when the nobles used to wear a special dinner jacket in the evenings. Experts agree that black tie consists in details and it is ideal for events like red carpet, charity galas and so on. Some men may say that in black tie dressing, everyone looks the same. But it depends on quality, on how the clothes fit you and how you accessorise the outfit if you are going to look good. The black tie’s genius lays in details.

Black Tie usualy consists in the traditional tuxedo and some accompaniments, like a dinner jacket with trousers that match, an optional black and formal waistcoat, a simple white shirt with a black long tie or a bow tie, formal black shoes with black simple socks. It is simple, elegant, just black and white. A gentlemen wants to draw attention to himself, not to the clothes. The jacket and the trousers should be of the same material, usually black wool, but you can also go with midnight blue for the color. The lapels should have satin facing and the jacket usually has one, but now it is fine with two buttons also.

Your shirst should have a turndown collar, double cuffs, and take care that your bow tie matches the lapels’ facings. The accessories should be the classic ones, of high quality but not too eccentric: silk handkerchief and precious cufflinks. You can wear a chesterfiel coat over the whole outfit. If you trust your style and have a fashion sense, you can break some of the rules and personalise your outfit, but take care not to overdo it.