What is it like to work with a MARSAY Personal Clothier?

See for yourself.

MARSAY Savoire-faire

Combining the finest British wools with the Italian craftsmanship and with a tocuh of French ellegance.

Furthermore, we are taking very seriously in consideration our very consistent line on made to measure suits (MTM).

These valuable pieces are absolutely in trend. It’s all about the special finishing, the tailoring and heritage. You can find in here ideas to dress smarter, because these tailoring pieces offer a good range of proper suits from the Holland & Sherry finest types of wool up to precious velvet for classy occasions, just for the discerning few.

Not to forget the nice wool worsted jackets for autumn-winter season, from a wide offer of the most suitable patterns and color combinations.

Fitting & cutting

Superior Quality

As with the best champagnes, finest wines or luxury cars, the resonance of certain names gives a special dimension which the customer can trust. This is why, here at MARSAY, we are providing top quality fabrics such as Holland and Sherry, Dormeuil, Loro Piana or Vitale Barberis Canonico.

We’ll stay with a consistent line of suits in our offer in order to be a smart proposal for each and every gentleman.

In this respect, we know you want to be noticed at every step you make. We provide suitable solutions: from purple to dark blue, from chestnut to dressy black shoes, from casual to formality – we are here to customize, slick and sharp gentlemen.

You got choices to stand out. We have the entire basis covered for you. Just to emphasize a couple of pieces in our inventory: a very rich combination of fabrics, notch lapels and peak lapels, real working buttons for each suit at MARSAY, British style combined with Italian sprezzatura. In the end, just by the present choice, you are a little bit tall, a little bit sharp.

We are not forgetting here, at MARSAY, that a man’s suit is an institution. On the other hand we provide a wide range of customized shirts. In our store, the product itself is a new breed: very crisp, very cool. We are very proud to say that the fabrics in our shirt collection are of Italian heritage. In this special case, what we came about for more is heritage updated. The range of fabrics in the shirt department is very wide. Just come, pay us a visit and you will be delighted of the touch, the finesse and the colors in the catalogues.