Some may say that paying attention to the exterior appearance is a superficial matter, meant for the ladies, but this is far from the truth. Since ancient times people were preoccupied about how they looked like, because that sends a message about you. Maybe humans are indeed superficial creatures, but we should use that in our advantage and bear in mind that the image and the first impression really matter.
Match the outside to the inside. We are not encouraging you to try to be somebody else. Just offer people an accurate perspective of yourself. You style should match your personality so you have a coherent image. Some wise man once sayd that you have to dress for the job you want, not for the job you have, so take his advice and act like you are whoever you dream to be.
Always choose quality, simplicity and elegance above anything else. Style is something that requires a good eye and a lot of experience. Until you are sure who you are and what you want to tell people, go with the classics and you can’t be wrong. A man who always looks like a gentleman is respectable and people tend to like him and appreciate his company.
Pay attention to the details. These details can mean anything: hairstyle, facial hair, accessories. You can choose to look clean and neat or grow a beard and go for the manly style. Whatever you do, make sure it tells people who you are. All in all, the most important thing is to be yourself, the best version of yourself.